The Archaeological Eye

At last, here it is… The Archaeological Eye is awake and witness to (a selection of) my academic and professional activities. Yay!


The intention of this site is not to replicate other blogs dedicated to programmes of archaeological/ anthropological exploration and critical personal reflection. Such efforts are already impressively realised by Middle Savagery, Savage Minds, Digital Ethnography, Electric Archaeology — to name a few that I especially like — and I aim not to add further to these well-established ventures.

I am, however, involved in a variety of pursuits specific to my interests in archaeological imagery, representational practices, visual methodologies and competencies, critical pedagogy, and the histories of archaeology, anthropology and scientific scopic tools/processes. It’s my goal to use this site to offer updates on — and links to — these activities, and to keep you posted on materials of related concern when they present themselves.

Click on my ‘Projects’ page for details about VIA and HARN, both of which are collaborative endeavours that I’ve been contributing to over the past year. There’s also some info here about the SVA and its potential for archaeologists. And keep your eyes posted on this blog for specifics on several presentations I’ll be giving in England and Wales in the next few months. Thanks!

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