Fractured Media

It has been a long time since my last update, and I’m finally looking forward to getting things back on track.  I spent part of the summer at the incredible site of Çatalhöyük in Turkey, working with a team of researchers and artists from Southampton and elsewhere specialising in visualisation.  The experience, the people, the location, the archaeology and everything else were phenomenal — I can’t say that enough.

The 40/40 shelter at Çatalhöyük. Photo by me.
The 40/40 shelter at Çatalhöyük. Photo by me.

Immediately upon returning I had to submit about 1/2 of the written text of my PhD thesis and orally defend it in front of two examiners.  This went smoothly, but minutes later the new academic semester started and, along with it, came teaching, preparation for the upcoming VIA workshop, and various other tasks that have kept me overwhelmed.

Among these tasks was the editing of an article that I presented last year at WAC 6 in Dublin.  It has just materialised in ‘Online First’ form in the journal Archaeologies: “Fractured Media: Challenging the Dimensions of Archaeology’s Typical Visual Modes of Engagement.” (It will appear in final published fashion in the December issue of the journal.)  Unfortunately, the article is not open access, however there is a *very* early draft stuck on the WAC 6 website.  I debated whether to ask that this rough version be removed from the web — but then I realised that it simply represents the genealogy of my own thinking and thus it would be antithetical to my argument if I demanded that it be taken down.  The final document is a bit more refined than the draft — and benefits from the input of multiple reviewers — however the basic premise of reflexive visual engagement and conscious attempts to intervene on, and disrupt, pictorial display has not changed.  Owing to copyright, only one of the images can be seen here.  I obviously feel uncomfortable about this since the imagery is actually inseparable from my point.  But, to compensate, I’ll be experimenting with some of the same ideas on this blog in the future; and I can send out pdf copies of the full, image-replete article to anyone who is interested!

The VIA workshop takes place next week, so I hope to give an update on it soon afterwards…

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