New Orleans & the Image

Just a quick note to say that I’m in New Orleans for the next week at the annual American Anthropological Association conference.  If you happen to be traveling through the city between now and Sunday, I’ll be presenting in a session on Wednesday evening, chaired by Jerome Crowder and Jonathan Marion, on the theme of Circulating Images; and separately, I’ll be chairing our yearly Society for Visual Anthropology-sponsored Visual Ethics Roundtable on Sunday morning, where the excellent Beate Engelbrecht and Jill LeClair will be discussing their visual work and its ethical intersections.  The AAA and SVA are also sponsoring Ethnographic Terminalia, an exhibition of pieces that grapple with the relations between art and anthropology.  Last year’s inaugural Ethnographic Terminalia was really fantastic — and given the various links between this year’s show and the actual conference programme, I suspect the 2010 exhibition will be even more impressive.

On another note, the call for sessions for the 2011 Visualisation in Archaeology International Conference is currently being circulated.  Sometime in the near-ish future I’ll post about our 2010 workshop which, I think, was well-received. (If you watched any of it on the live stream, I’d be keen to get your feedback, as we’re looking ahead towards planning the live streaming of the conference!)  Please do consider submitting a session proposal — and we’re especially interested in encouraging contributors to play around with the format of presentation.  This year’s workshop was run as a series of 5-7 minute ‘position statements’, followed by 1 – 1.5 hours of discussion — a format that seemed to work surprisingly well.  There are many other possibilities, and we’d be eager to test them out.

Maybe see you in New Orleans!

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