OUTPOST exhibition | Call for contributions

OUTPOST exhibition
OUTPOST exhibition | Image courtesy of Ian Kirkpatrick - http://www.iankirkpatrick.ca

Ian Kirkpatrick and I are working together to curate a small art exhibition — OUTPOST — in concert with the upcoming Visualisation in Archaeology International Conference at the University of Southampton next month (18-19 April).  There is an incredibly tight turn-around time for the call for contributions (deadline next Wednesday!), but I hope anyone interested in the intersections between archaeology and art might consider participating.  Here are the details! 

Curators: Ian Kirkpatrick & Sara Perry

Poster presentations have become ubiquitous features of archaeological conferences, acting simultaneously as informational, decorative, architectural, and ritual devices.  In their supposed succinctness they can persuade, deceive and mystify – whilst employing image and text to compress vast quantities of data into highly conventionalized fields of vision. As archaeological tools they can stand unaccompanied by their author as the sole representative of an idea or body of research, or can be used in tandem with performance as a form of prop or mobile stage-set.

OUTPOST examines the possibilities of this genre as an intermediary between information and art, monument and meaning.  It seeks innovative and creative interpretations of the archaeological poster presentation which push the boundaries of this format, both physically and conceptually.

We invite artists, illustrators and academics to respond to this call for posters/artworks as a means to invite discussion and debate about the form, function and future of this frequently overlooked sub-genre of the archaeological intellectual toolkit.

Please send a 50-200 word artistic statement for the creation of an A0 or other-sized/shaped poster presentation and CV, to Ian Kirkpatrick (iankirkpatrick@shaw.ca) by 23 March 2011.

Final decisions will be made by 25 March 2011.

On another note, I won’t be able to contribute to Colleen‘s archaeological blogging roundtable discussion this week.  But I wanted to provide a link to the first-class summary that she put together of last week’s discussion.  Through it you can connect to many other superb bloggers who are grappling with the consequences of blog work in archaeology.

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