Visualisation in Archaeology International Conference

Visualisation in Archaeology

After 3 years and 200+ contributions, the VIA project culminates tomorrow and Tuesday in our international conference.

With the conference happening on Monday & Tuesday and my PhD thesis defense scheduled for next Thursday, life has been frantic, but beginning tonight (with the arrival of some of our conference contributors) I’m looking forward to connecting with old friends and enjoying the papers, exhibitions and critical conversations that make VIA such a distinctive project.  We have over 110 people from two dozen countries registered for the conference, and we’ve linked all the sessions to live web-streams and Twitter.

If you’re a Twitter user, you can follow the #viarch hashtag, or participate directly in each of our seven sessions using @VIAsession01, @VIAsession02, through to @VIAsession07.

We have two interesting exhibitions planned: OUTPOST, featuring the artistic experiments of both archaeologists and fine artists; and Gareth Beale’s fantastic digital exhibit OPEN.  And we’re meeting for an informal social tonight at 7pm at Ceno’s in Portswood if you happen to be in Southampton.

Further details on the timetable are available here:
Further info on the location of the conference is available here:

Hope to catch up with everyone either at the conference or on Twitter.  Thanks for your support of the project over the past 3 years!

3 thoughts on “Visualisation in Archaeology International Conference

  1. Thanks so much! I’ve been thinking of you recently — wondering how everything is.

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