Creativity, Intellectual Freedom & the Field School

I have the great privilege of doing some guest blogging for the fantastic Savage Minds site, an anthropology blog that I’ve been following almost since its inception in 2005.

I would normally just repost the content of my contributions to Savage Minds here, but I’m keen to direct you straight to their webpages in the hope that you’ll find them as inspiring and thought-provoking as I have.

My first blog for them is about field schools, fostering spaces of creativity, and my concern to ensure that students are offered just as much access to — and opportunity to develop — these kinds of creative spaces as any other collaborator on our field projects. At its core is the connection between data and big ideas/vision, and whether, as Current Archaeology once wrote, ‘archaeologists have no soul’.

Here it is:

Creativity, Intellectual Freedom & the Field School (guest blog on Savage Minds)

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