New adventures! Moving on to Museum of London Archaeology – MOLA

From November 2019, I’ll be joining the MOLA team in London…

Screenshot of the top banner from the MOLA website, depicting archaeological specialists excavating an unidentified site.
Screenshot from MOLA Website. Read more about MOLA’s scope and activities.

I want to end the week by sharing with you an exciting piece of news that’s gone public today… **drum roll**

From November, I will be moving to London to join the incredible team at MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) in the role of Director of Research and Engagement. I am genuinely elated about this opportunity!!

The position will allow me to work with many of the best professionals in the sector – archaeologists, engagement experts, specialists in conservation, environment, community, design, visualisation, publication, digital media, and more – to grow the scope and reach of MOLA’s research and engagement activities.

There’s much to say about the position, about all the exciting things planned at MOLA, and about all the exciting things that MOLA can (and does) make possible for archaeology and heritage more broadly. For now, though, I’ll sign off to celebrate! I’m indebted to my colleagues, friends, mentors and students at the Department of Archaeology in York for giving me the chance to grow, teach, learn, research, laugh, play, test, evaluate, revise, and always strive for meaningful forms of success tailored to specific audiences and needs. This exciting opportunity for me is born of York’s community and its support of my teams’ work with many other communities around the world. Thank you.

Here’s to new adventures!

6 thoughts on “New adventures! Moving on to Museum of London Archaeology – MOLA

  1. brilliant, amazing news! congratulations and looking forward to seeing good things to come!

  2. Sara Congratulations on the new job. May it bring you joy and fulfillment. And presumably lots of new opportunities for you both. And I hope it enables you to leave behind whatever residual bad feelings there may be from your previous job. I love your piece on Enchantment, and have already passed it on to others. It is so important that we create the interest in what we do, otherwise it is what Grahame Clark once wrote about as “brain-game for the more intellectual members of the meritocracy”. I wrote about this in the attached piece. Once more, congratulations. Iain

    Iain Davidson,

    Emeritus Professor, University of New England, Australia

    Mailing address:

    Unit 1413, 70 Longland Street, Newstead, QLD 4006, AUSTRALIA

    Mobile/cell phone AUS +61 402 106 853

    ORCID 0000-0003-1840-9704

    Texts of recent publications are on Academia and Research Gate. One piece of some current relevance can be found at:

    Facebook (Davidson Iain Davidson), (Iain Davidson), Research Gate (Iain Davidson)


    Instagram: iain5683


  3. Awesome! Thank you for this Iain – I’ll check out your attachment today and thanks always for your support. It means a lot to me – more than I can say

  4. Congratulations! All the very best of luck with your new challenge! Best wishes, Claire

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