About Me

Dr Sara Perry, University of York

I am the Director of Studies of Digital Heritage, Director of Studies of Archaeological Information Systems, Director of Graduate Studies, and Lecturer in Cultural Heritage Management in the Department of Archaeology at the University of York (UK). My academic profile and contact details can be found here.

I am Director of the Visualisation Team at the Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük. I am Co-Investigator on the two-year USAID funded project Memphis: Egypt’s Ancient Capital. And I am Co-Investigator on the three-year Horizon 20/20-European Commission funded EMOTIVE project.

I completed my doctorate in archaeology at the University of Southampton in 2011 under the supervision of Prof Stephanie Moser. Simultaneously, I held a Teaching Fellowship in the department, a Research Fellowship in Digital Humanities under Dr Graeme Earl, a managerial role on the English Heritage-funded Visualisation in Archaeology project, and a British Academy Research Fellowship for my work with Prof Matthew Johnson on the Alan Sorrell archive. I completed my BA and MA in anthropology at the University of Victoria (Canada), where my fieldwork experience centred on the northwest coast of North America.

Click here for publications, presentations and current teaching & see below. I am on Twitter at archaeologistSP and Instagram at saraperryvisuals.

Many of my publications are accessible on Academia.edu.


During and between my degrees I have been employed in positions both inside and beyond the archaeological sector, many focused on issues of participatory action and critical knowledge making and knowledge sharing. As an archaeological anthropologist, I have worked as an instructor, facilitator, university curriculum (re)designer, collections specialist, zooarchaeology lab assistant, research assistant and teaching assistant.

Outside of archaeology, I have held the posts of Research Coordinator at the Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia, Project Manager for the British Columbia Ministry of Health, Policy Analyst for Health Canada, as well as various voluntary roles in the community and positions on university committees.


Only a selection of recent publications, presentations and teaching assignments are noted within the links here. Please do contact me for more detail via email.