What archaeologists do: Research Design and the Media Archaeology Drive Project (MAD-P)

Colleen and I have just published the research design for our media archaeology project on Savage Minds. MAD-P – The Media Archaeology Drive Project – is indebted to our colleague Neil Gevaux, who has helped us to secure the materials at the core of our studies. Your comments on the design are so much appreciated, and stay tuned for our forthcoming posts on the recording, analysis and interpretation of our field site: a found hard drive. Read more here: http://savageminds.org/2014/09/22/media-archaeology-drive-project/

MAD-P documentation
MAD-P documentation (Photo by Colleen Morgan)

What archaeologists do: Between archaeology and media archaeology

Colleen and I have recently posted the second instalment in our series on archaeological media archaeologies to the Savage Minds blog. Here we explore the intersections between the disciplines of archaeology and media archaeology, point readers in the direction of current archaeologists and heritage specialists who are already engaging to some extent (often implicitly) with each, and then make overt the features of these disciplines that we believe to be particularly relevant to crafting robust futures for the analysis of media artefacts.

As we were joking with some of our close friends and colleagues, it seems an irony to be posting this blog entry simultaneous with an incident that we’ve had at the European Association of Archaeologists’ conference where much digital media was subject to burglary. But if nothing else, we’re carving out a method here to begin to deconstruct these media’s histories when/if they are recovered!

Read the post here: http://savageminds.org/2014/09/13/what-archaeologists-do-between-archaeology-and-media-archaeology/

Archaeologists doing media archaeology: A Memory Stick in the Mud by Gabriel Moshenska (thanks to Gabe for permission to reproduce here)
Archaeologists doing media archaeology: A Memory Stick in the Mud by Gabriel Moshenska (thanks to Gabe for permission to reproduce here)

What archaeologists do

This month I’m guest blogging for the one-of-a-kind Savage Minds anthropology blog, so rather than post to my own webpages, I’ll link you directly to my contributions on SM’s site. I have a line-up of posts planned – most written in collaboration with others – and the first has just gone live. Here you’ll find preliminary thoughts on the subject of ‘what archaeologists do’, which provide a preamble to a series of co-authored posts by myself and Colleen Morgan.

Colleen and I are experimenting with methods for excavating media objects, and over the next few weeks we’ll be documenting our progress live for your critique. I do appreciate you taking the time to read this work and provide your constructive feedback. Blogging for Savage Minds is a real honour for me, but it comes with a weight of responsibility that I find daunting. I can see the thousands of hits the site receives per day, and the often intense dialogue that accompanies each post. Your support and thoughtful commentary would be much welcomed & it would be especially nice to see other archaeologists and heritage specialists contributing to the conversations on SM.

Thank you for reading & following along in our efforts at testing out an archaeological media archaeology:

What archaeologists dohttp://savageminds.org/2014/09/03/what-archaeologists-do/